SP 6 : Digitalization

The JP Hydropower SP6 aims to find solutions and answers related to digitalization of business processes in hydropower. The Sub-Programme may cover the whole value chain including planning, building and renewal, maintenance and asset management, production planning, market analysis and environmental monitoring. 

Digitalization in hydropower is not an established and traditional research topic and the hydropwoer business is only in the beginning of the digital transformation. Hydropower digitalization relates to a range of fields and discplines.

Specific topics to be addressed by SP6 are:

  • Machine-level technological aspects
  • System-level technological aspects
  • Economic aspects
  • Enviromental aspects
  • Social aspects




SP 6 Coordinator :

Eduard Doujak, TU Wien 

Email : eduard.doujak@tuwien.ac.at




csm Johanna Schmidt VRVis 2 b49f34a65c


SP 6 Vice-Coordinator : 

Johanna Schmidt, VRVis

Email : johanna.schmidt@vrvis.at