SP 3 : Grid, System Integration and Markets

  The main objective of SP3 is to reveal the benefit of hydropower in terms of flexibility, system adequacy, and system stability. Furthermore, the derivation of future technical requirements for the design of hydropower units as well as concepts for modernization of existing plants in order to meet new demands is to be investigated.  

Research priorities / topics to be addressed:

  • Macroeconomic and technical benefit of hydraulic power plants in the future power system
  • Operational requirements of hydro power plants in the future power system
  • Develop open source European wide reservoir and river inflow data set based on up to date climate simulations
  • Develop sufficiently detailed open source European hydro power model and data set for energy system modelling
  • Interaction between different flexibility providers considering new market designs
  • Grid connection and operation of variable speed hydro units 



michael belsnes


SP 3 - Coordinator :

Michael S. Belsnes, SINTEF 

Email : michael.m.belsnes@sintef.no 



SP 3 - Vice Coordinator

Robert Schürhuber, TU Graz 

Email : robert.schuerhuber@tugraz.at