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Eera event 25 January 2023 - Webinar

Unifying the voices of hydropower in Europe

Hydropower plays a leading role in providing a renewable source of electricity in Europe. This renewable generation technology has all the characteristics to serve as an excellent catalyst and enabler for a successful and safe energy transition. Today, it already supports the integration of wind and solar energy into the supply grid through flexibility in generation as well as its potential for storage capacity. Hydropower reservoirs can also often deliver additional services such as the mitigation of floods and droughts by ensuring drinking water supply, irrigation, fish farming and navigation services. These services will be in much greater demand as the safe energy transition accelerates in Europe, and worldwide. 

ETIP HYDROPOWER will consolidate the strong network of the HYDROPOWER EUROPE Forum and help to unify the voices of hydropower in Europe regarding future collaborative R&I initiatives and increasing public awareness. 

ETIP HYDROPOWER will enhance and disseminate the HYDROPOWER EUROPE Research and Innovation Agenda and the Strategic Industry Roadmap taking into consideration the future needs of the sector, the R&I targets, and emerging policy priorities. 

This will help to ensure that hydropower can play the vital role of a catalyst and enabler in the transition to a clean energy system as well as a reliable supplier to overcome the actual energy crisis and achieve climate neutrality by mid-century.

Purpose of the WEBINAR

The vision of ETIP HYDROPOWER, its objectives, the suggested structure and work program of ETIP HYDROPOWER will be presented and discussed in detail. Furthermore, the question “What form of sustainable organisation representing the hydropower sector is required to ensure the vital role of hydropower in the energy transition in Europe?” will be discussed within a round table session.


WEBINAR Programme

  • 9h30        Welcome (Greg Arrowsmith, EUREC & Anton J. Schleiss, ICOLD)
  • 9h40         The vital role of hydropower to help overcome the energy crisis in Europe (Anton J. Schleiss, ICOLD)
  • 9h55        Overview of ETIP HYDROPOWER (Mark Morris, Samui-Fr)
  • 10h10      Vision and governance structure of ETIP HYDROPOWER; interacting with the SET Plan and cooperation with other ETIPs and associations (Shenja Ruthenberg, EASE & Andrej Misech, EUREC)
  • 10h25      Implementation of working groups, and a framework for the detailed mapping of R&I actions across Europe (Lee Estrellado, vgbe energy)
  • 10h40      Strategic actions and increasing public awareness (Shenja Ruthenberg, EASE & Janire Garcia, Zabala) 
  • 10h55      Business plan and possibilities for a sustainable associate organization (Mark Morris, Samui-Fr & Jean-Jacques Fry, ICOLD)
  • 11h10      Roundtable discussion “What form of sustainable organisation representing the hydropower sector is required to ensure the vital role of hydropower in the energy transition in Europe?” 
  • 11h30       Conclusions and outlook

Practical information


25 Jan 2023


9:30 AM - 11:30 AM